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Construction workers wanted for growing company in music industry (Lichtenberg)


Anstellungsart: Vollzeit
Vergütung: Depending on experience

Construction professionals wanted for growing company with secure work for 2020 & huge networking in the creative industries.

In 2018, Kiss Your Ears began as a manufacturing company, making quality affordable acoustic treatment with an aim to empower music makers rather than profit at their learning curve. In 2019, the same team also completed several projects building music studios in Berlin. In 2020 the acoustic treatment production line has steady orders month by month and the studio building section has projects lined up continuously from 1st February until 1st December, so we are in the privileged position of guaranteed work for the whole year. 

Luckily, we have encountered all kinds of problems so far and by now have a lot of experience of what we want, what will work well, and what we are looking for! 

So, we will be super thorough in this advert, which specifically reflects our 2020 projects & schedule. This way, if it’s not for you then you can just stop reading and save yourself the email! 

There are different sections that we are offering work for but we will advertise together. This is because we want to find skilled flexible people, so we can offer them the best working experience possible (in short, a satisfying environment and a sustainable 4 day work week), and of course train them to become a long term reliable asset within our infrastructure. 

Now, needless to say, a proper hard work ethic is mandatory. If you are not reliable and willing to graft then this is really not for you. Positions are open to males/ females/ trans/ non binary.

First and foremost, we need you to have/be the following: 

Extensive construction experience, ideally time served as a skilled tradesperson, eg. Carpenter, drywaller, plasterer, painter, etc. So you already know work site etiquette, and what is expected in terms of performance. 

An extreme eye for detail.

The ability to learn very fast.

Very organised and punctual!

The ability to work tidily and efficiently!

Focused and can complete tasks 100% before moving on! 

Solution focused mindset, not problem focused.

Can write DE invoices.

Our personal pet hates are when people leave our tools dirty, don’t finish a task 100% before moving on, or don’t clean up properly. So take good care of that! 

Description of the various work available: 


Studio Build Framing Team 

Studio Build Plasterboard 

Studio Build Plasterer 

Studio Build Painter

Acoustic Treatment Production

Acoustic Treatment Installation

ROLE: Framing and finer work team: 

Framing with metal and wooden studwork. 

Laying various flooring solutions.

Installing doors, locks and windows.

Building acoustic elements, aka. Various types of Bass traps and diffusers, etc.

Installing acoustic elements on walls. 

ROLE: Plasterboard worker Hanging plasterboard, aka. Sheetrock. (we will update your knowledge on this specifically regarding isolative structures)

ROLE: Plasterer Taping and plastering. 

ROLE: Painter Painting rooms.

Over the course of the year (and beyond), full training will be given of how to construct isolated rooms to a high standard for music industry practitioners. Don’t expect to get it all from the first project or two. We use different techniques depending on the static load possibilities of different buildings, as well as what kind of isolation each project requires. Further opportunities for education include studio acoustics as once the rooms are built, the acoustic treatment must be installed...

ROLE: Acoustic Treatment Production

Focus on Building acoustic elements, aka. Various types of Bass traps and diffusers, etc.

Building perfectly square box frames from wood 

Working with wood stains and paints

Covering frames with high quality acoustic grade textiles

Learning our management system 

Clear communication of progress and work related issues with management 

Focus on product consistency

Keeping a clear production sheet 

Documenting outcomes with photographs 

ROLE: Acoustic Treatment Installation 

Focus on Installing acoustic elements on walls. 

Gathering the correct tools from our workshop, with no margin for error. 

Marking out a surface perfectly for installation

Safely installing heavy elements on various surface types 

Learning and mastering our systemised methods of installation

Cleaning behind you as if you were never there! 

Learning our management system 

Clear communication of progress and work related issues with management 

Keeping a clear timesheet 

Documenting outcomes with photographs 

We will speak English. We will use some “unorthodox” methods based on acoustic theory so you would potentially have to unlearn some old methods.
That part we can teach you - being proficient with tools and having construction skills we cannot! 

So if your experience is minimal, then please pass! 

Compensation & Benefits:

This depends on the workers aptitude and comparison to what we are seeking. 

You must understand that this company is a new start up with a lot of momentum, and luckily steady growth, but a new start up nonetheless. The resources are limited as our client base is music makers, which are already marginalised financially. 

Rates can be discussed with management during an interview process. 

A trial period of 3-6 months is also absolutely necessary, in our experience. 

This work is absolutely filled with additional benefits if you are working at all in the arts (especially music industry): You will work closely with our operational network, meeting music industry practitioners daily. This is something that could really open doors to all kinds of things in the creative industries, whether you need some contacts, clients or perhaps an atelier. 

The ideal candidates will appreciate the value of this. We would rather work long term with those that benefit from what we've built in terms of network and community. The ideal situation is to be able to harness the operational infrastructure in order to empower the workers in their personal projects as well as professionally.

You should understand that this has been built from the ground up and we know what works and what is sustainable. If you’re willing to put consistent hard work into the company in order to build something sustainable for yourself in return, you will do well. If you are just looking to get the most you can out of the least amount of work, you will not. 

So, If you are looking to grow with us and contribute then this is for you! Those who stick around and pull their weight (consistently over time) will be compensated justly. 

About us, ethics and what we can provide: 

A cool and nurturing work environment where you are encouraged to learn and grow. Amongst us are some very skilled workers and technicians ready to share knowledge with you. 

A balanced work environment. We strive to hire 50/50 Male and female identifying people to keep it cool. There’s nothing worse than an overly testosterone saturated work environment.

A fair payment for the work, within our means. We are operating in Berlin, not Zurich, but we always pay the best we can. 

If you stick with us as we build our reputation, you could end up going places with us. The projects are piling up awaiting the applicants… we have music studio building projects commissioned for the entirety of 2020 from early February until early December. Beyond and between this, there is our manufacture section to keep you busy! 

We can offer you work for 4 days per week (7-10 hours per day) depending on what is required but that should be made clear to you before you begin. 

Sometimes you will be required to work 5 or 6 days per week (when we have many projects active at once).

Sometimes you will only receive 2 or 3 days per week (in quieter times of the year).

Again, 4 days is what we will aim for but it will fluctuate like this sometimes for the first 6 to 12 months but you will be made aware always 3 weeks in advance.

In return we always need 3 weeks advance notice on important days you will need off. 

Our Vision:

As many of the music community spaces in the city systematically close their doors, we want to build better music production spaces, better mixing studios, better mastering studios, better rehearsal rooms, all in cool buildings with plenty of vibe and attached community.

It started with the manufacturing company, Kiss Your Ears, where the vision was to build quality affordable acoustic treatment and empower music makers rather than profiting from their learning curve, as literally all other acoustic treatment manufacturing companies do. Eventually, this led to building music studios. The aim there was to also make isolative structures more affordable, thus allowing producers to operate more freely in the city infrastructure. This naturally progressed to building and running studio buildings. The goal is to reserve some of the very last available commercial space in Berlin as it becomes extremely saturated with lame offices. We give long term safe contracts to music makers that allow them to freely and securely practise their craft. You would meet some pretty cool people and learn some pretty cool things working with us! 

On site we have absolutely zero tolerance for racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, etc. 

It is a multicultural and mixed gender team of professionals. 

Previous workers fail:

We’ve had some trouble with staff work ethics in Berlin in 2019 and that has resulted in many lessons learned the tough way.

Now, we are immediately consequential. 

On the last larger project, Aug to Nov 19, we had some applicants write great things about themselves and then got into the door. On site, it was obvious within the first days that they were full of nonsense and bringing their personal traumas from past employers with them, and it didn't end well. So please be honest about your skills and experience. We will of course be testing you.

So, please don’t apply in the first place if you're not 100 percent sure that this is for you. 

We may seem harsh by this but the core essence of the problem is one exclusive to Berlin. We would not have the same difficulties with finding appropriate workers with good work ethics in London, Paris or Amsterdam, etc. 


Write a cover letter. We won’t answer emails like "I'm interested in the job". We want to know: 

Who you are.

How long you plan on staying in Berlin.

Why you are interested and what you can offer.

What are your relevant skills?

We'll be checking that you've read this entire advertisement. 

Title your email "worker 2020” and describe which of the tasks and role (eg. Studio Build Framing Team, Studio Build Plasterboard, Studio Build Plasterer, Studio Build Painter, Acoustic Treatment Production, Acoustic Treatment Installation) you think you would be best suited to, and why. 

If you seem interesting, we will invite you for an interview so we can meet personally and discuss. This may be after some email relay so be patient about that. 

The email address is - berlinstudiobuild “at” gmail “dot” com...

You should be able to provide pictures of your relevant past work. Just go ahead and throw it all into the first email and cover letter if you want to be on top of the pile! 

Thanks for your time. If you want ours, make sure you’ve read this thoroughly. 

We will read and reply to every relevant (appropriate) applicant by January 14th. 

Again, the projects will begin at the start of February. 

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