Broken? I want to fix you. (Berlin)

...But we both know I'll fail.

You're a young woman, smart and good-looking, but your personality slip-ups disrupt your relationships and career plans on a regular basis and hurt your self-esteem.

I'm an older man with a well-organized life, sound career and secure financial outlook. I've stayed in shape and I keep up with popular culture and fashion trends.

I'll show genuine interest in your person, your plans and your opinions while handling your body like my favorite toy. You'll look up to me for uninterrupted confirmation of your worth while showering me with psychological terror. We'll keep up the neighbors at night with fights every time we don't keep them up with sex.

This sort of thing generally doesn't last, but before we call it quits, you'll withdraw into self-harm while I'll start cheating on you and blaming it on your emotional unavailability.

Does this sound right for you? Your pic gets mine.
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