post zu favoriten Closeted CD looking to be your 2nd girlfriend (Wilmersdorf) dieses posting verbergen einbl.

I am an occasional crossdresser, closeted and with a busy straight life. I am in my 30s.
I am NOT fully passable, but I have a full wardrobe, have a thin build and can look sexy dressed up.
I don't identify as gay but am very turned on by the sissy-Man sexual dynamic.
I have experience of dressing up and playing the 'girl' for different Men in sex play.

I am looking for a discreet, clean, masculine-acting Man who likes sissies/CDs that I can at first communicate and connect with. If we hit it off I can be your 2nd secret 'girlfriend'. We can have occasional NSA meet-ups, and I will dress up, fully take on the role of the 'girl' and devote myself to only YOUR sexual pleasure, like a slutty girl-on-the-side should do!

I'm NOT LOOKING FOR SPONTANEOUS MEET-UPS, but want to take a little time to communicate and develop a sexual dynamic that will lead to me serving your masculine sexual needs on a regular basis.
If you write me an interesting email I will reply. Picture swapping will of course follow as trust develops.
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