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Handsome early 30s male looking for a girl to be my slave.

Ground rule: there won’t be anything physical: no hitting, no pain, no sex in any form.

Your duties would be:

1- show me your ass for me to watch and relax myself with my own hands. I may cum on you but anywhere on the body and not around genitals.

2- You will be treated treated like garbage and degraded (insulted, mocked at, made fun out, name calling,) - this is verbally when we meet or through text from time to time.

3- I will pee on you - wherever you choose on your body; you can be clothed or naked.

The above 3 will happen whenever I feel i need them.

We will have a first meeting as an innocent one where we sit and talk over a coffee; for us see each other and make sure we accept each other.

If we agree to try, you will have a probation of one month. Payment is 150 euros. If you pass probation, you will be my constant slave and payment will be 200€ paid to you on the 30th of every month - in cash.

If interested to discuss about it, please apply to this with your information.
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