s-positive romantic relationship (berlin)


I am not looking for a sex partner. I am looking for a partner who needs a lot of sex. But also wants to get married, live together, and have children. I am looking for a serious partner who perhaps is a bit tired of the Berlin dating scene and constantly finding people who want open relationships. I want a closed relationship. If that makes it easier to understand.

Like you guys I'm on craigslist because I'm very s-positive (I'm sure you can figure out what the s stands for). Thing is, I really want to settle down and find somebody who maybe has had enough of constantly meeting new people and just wants to find one person who does it for them. Spend time with that person, get to know them and of course, do a lot of s-things :)

I'm living in Berlin. I have my own apartment (I rent, but I live alone). I'm 41 years old, look good. I'm funny and laid back. I've got my shit together and I can hold a conversation and I'm interested in almost everything. I'm very anti-nazi, very positive thinking and I'm looking for somebody who also is thinking the same as me.

So if you want the same thing and want to see what might happen. Then we should talk.

I don't mind about your background, which country you are from, or anything like that. I just want to find somebody who has the mindset to make something stronger. I am absolutely sure that there is somebody here who also wants that.

Berlin is a harsh place when it comes to dating. So many people are just doing this open relationship thing. I want to do something more.

You interested? Then write me an email and please describe yourself in the first email. Then I will know you are a real person.
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