post zu favoriten I will Humiliate you VZ-TZ (Berlin) dieses posting verbergen einbl.

I'm Dominant Male over 40.
I will humiliate you Full Time in every way (Phone, Whatsapp, Mail, in Person).
I will treat you like a beast, I will give you nightmare and make you feel very bad (I'm specialized).
I speak 4 different languages, so I can give you orders, traumas, and treat you like s#it in every known speech.
If you like to be beated up or spit, I'm on it.
You can pay me every week or I can offer you a Full Month Flat.
Personal Meeting will be paid separately.

I'm REALLY an Evil Master with NO kind of Mercy at all. careful of what you're looking for.

Write me with the subject TRYME and I will tell you how it work.
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