post zu favoriten ORIGINAL ("BARNEY'S BEANERY"/L.A).Paintings & Prints - €4500 (Ojai, CA /USA) dieses posting verbergen einbl.

Bedingung: ausgezeichnet
Größe / Maße: 24X36", 10X15"...
Marke/Hersteller: American
Modell/Nummer: Paintings & Prints

By the Originator of the BARNEY'S BEANERY" Series...(Muralist L.S.Day)....+200 Prints, LinoCuts, & 20 Paintings of the L.A. Ikon Landmark of 70's - 80's..still there..Most Ptgs/4500 euros/ea: "The Anarchist"/24"X30"; "Sat. Nite At Barney's"/ 24"X38"; "Who's That?"/24"X36"; "Coffee/Ketchup/Sugar"/30"X40"; "Coffee Cup"/24"X30"; "The Window"/24"X36: all oil / canvas, 4500Euros Each....And (4) B&W LinoCut & Lithos as a (Suite of Prints) as shown, approx. 10"X15"/each, 400Euros/each, (1600 Euros for the Suite)...shipped rolled...or Flat with Painting purchase...Call the Artist, L.S.Day @ my Studio 1-011- Kontaktinfo anzeigen
, in Ojai, CA for details (PayPal or BitCoin) 24/7...I answer ALL exchange E-mails, Shipping/Ins you pay to your Destination...or your Agent can pick-up here in Ojai, CA, on 3 days notice...Cash or Bitcoin payment...Call before Dec 20th, 2018....See ptgs/etc on my Website: >
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