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Hi everyone, we have a couple of desks freeing up just now, for leases between a month and forever.

Founded in 2008, Atelier Äuglein is a collective studio for independent workers and creatives. It offers desks, an event space and a sound studio, and is ideally located between Schlesisches Tor and Görlitzer Park.

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The space is split between a room for people who like to work with music / need to place phone calls, and one for those who prefer silence. We offer 24/7 access, fast internet, a bar/kitchen area with fridge, hot plates, microwave, kettle, and a few Italian coffee pots. There is also a bar fridge with soft drinks and beer you can buy for cheap. And you can have a chair.

In addition to your working space, you get to hang out in our nice living room, and when the weather is nice we can put up a table to work in the sun on the large sidewalk. There is also a basement lounge, which is perfect to find refuge from the blazing summer heat.

And we have a website on http://www.atelier-aeuglein.de, long-term members get to have their links posted on.

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People working from here are visual artists, translators, video makers, designers, journalists, developers, entrepreneurs, etc. We are looking for serious, respectful, tolerant, nice people to join the studio, and reserve the right to accept people based on how we feel about them, because we'll see you everyday.

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The space is also available for curated events on certain evenings (also curated, tell us what your project is), and we have a sound studio for musician to rehearse or record (drums: only jazz kits allowed).

Prices are as follow:

- part-time: 80€
- dedicated: 120€

Sound Studio
- solo acoustic: 2.5€/h
- extra person: +0.5€/h
- use of amps: +0.5€/h
- use of PA: +1€/h
- regular: -0.5€/h

Event Space (evenings 19 - 24)
- one time: 50€
- regular: 40€
- trusted: 20€

- - - - - - - - - - -
Here are the requirements once you've joined the team:

- 50€+ copy of ID as deposit;
- rent to be paid for the month to come on the 25;
- first month is trial (no commitment);
- after that we need a one month notice prior to leaving.

- - - - - - - - - - - -
Because most people don't plan to stay for an indefinite time in Berlin, there is a certain amount of turn over, so it's always worth checking if we have some desks available.

Please give me a shout if you'd like to come have a look!
Régis / Atelier Äuglein
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