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I´m an electronic music producer and wish to release my third album in 2020.

I´m looking for a visual artist for making a video for a track or two.

I´m having ideas already for animations and we could discuss what we both enjoy doing. But my main ideas are more of darker, tech-inspired 2D visuals and one idea is more colorful 3D. But Im also open to more!

I´m having a strong concept, mindset and vision but we could grow together and there is space for new creative input in a form of collaboration.

If we like working together I would love to find a long-term visual partner for the future A/V shows, art covers as well. :)

I live in Kreuzberg, Berlin, we could meet for a coffee and see how it could work!
Or I can send you the music project and chat online!

Im looking forward hearing from you! :)
Best wishes,
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