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Oldschool Italian BMX 1985 - €155 (Kreuzberg 61)


Bremsentyp: Trommel
Fahrradtyp: BMX
Federung: keine (starr)
Lenkertyp: BMX
Marke/Hersteller: Paioli Formicone
Rahmengröße: n.a.
Rahmenmaterial: Stahl
Reifengröße: 20 Zoll

My son was riding this vintage mutant BMX, nicknamed 'Il Formicone' or the big ant, until recently. Now it's time for the big ant to find a new home.

The racebike pro Francesco Moser teamed up with Paioli in 1985 to develop this wacky modular BMX bike. With the appropriate expansion kit, the bike can be modified into a tandem or three-wheeler. As is, the geometry of the frame can be adjusted, according to a child's size, for example. The rear wheel also has a double sprocket, allowing it to be ridden freewheel or fixed gear. Drum brakes, steel mag-style wheels (20-inch), this bike is built solid - and heavy. But it is guaranteed to turn heads.

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