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Sacred Mountain Living with CTE in the Wild West - €3

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You will see as you read why writing was never my best subject, but now I really have something to say. We have lived for about 20 years in the modern day “Old West” selling Ranches and Land with so many crazy adventures and stories, that we find ourselves telling our adventure stories most days to anyone from customers to friends. I am writing this book for my Children and Wife. So, my boys will know really who I was as a person, and my Wife will finally know how much she means to me.
In this autobiography I have shared the experience of the last 20+ years of my life. I have expounded on both my inner thoughts and hidden knowledge, while letting you see how I have forged through tough times to this beginning of a new journey. Let’s recap a few things:
CTE, Punch Drunk Syndrome, or just Brain Damage is not fun. It however does not have to be a death sentence. There is hope and this book is a testimony to the power of hope and determination over the most debilitating of a disease, circumstance and fate. Inside is a CTE guide along with a way to recover, a way to Win!
Aliens are real and there are at least a few different species. I included them cell phone shots as proof.
Ghosts are real and it’s really a sad thing when the departed can’t move on.
The not so secret of Antigravity is covered in the chapter on UFO’s, even drew me a diagram.
The simple answer to the entire world’s energy needs both fuel and electric. It’s all covered in a short chapter.
The truth behind our entire toxic environment is exposed from Vaccines to Sugar.
The evil aspect of all of these so called “Rulers”, ….”They”, the little ones in charge who want you to believe they are separated from each other. The ones who allow War, Poverty, Drug abuse, Toxic Poisoning and true suffering put upon us Humans to keep us stupid as a species. Who encourage bloodletting and the sacrifice of the innocent, especially children? The ones who want us all to take a knee.
A full 20 years of a blessed life was covered, full of pain, struggle, abduction, discovery, and fortitude driven by an emerging family’s love. The rights of passage to live in the Modern-Day Old West, full of Shootouts, Bears, Lions, and Tweekers. All of this while battling with CTE, Brain Damage caused by a former lifetime of Football. The struggle to live with it daily, and the incredible techniques used in overcoming the damage to a state of empowered enlightenment, and comfort.
The core truth of the Kabbalah and how the Angels of our Mother Earth control elemental aspects of our lives, such as breathing, walking, talking and allowing us spiritual souls to live as beings. Why do we fast, to give the Angels a break in food digestion so that they can work miracles in our lives.

If the knowledge of Angelic mobilization of the body doesn’t make you feel full of spiritual power. If knowing that you as an individual spirit is so special that everyday you receive all the blessings of Mother Earth and her Angels to live doesn’t connect you. If the Knowledge that the Divinity of the Feminine aspect of the creator has been left out of society for control doesn’t inspire you. If the encouraging truth that our Society can be a utopia, with free energy and extra-long life through natural balance doesn’t calm you. If you’re not called to arms, because this man made system is in place to keep us Humans as Slaves, always working never allowed the opportunity to meet our own needs as individuals. We are a number in a system that treats us like cattle. If that isn’t enough to inspire you and get you fired up. Then I will say this:

Peace Be with You

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