10/24: Englisch B1+/B2 Boost Your Speaking Skills From Home (Berlin)

Englisch B1+/B2 Boost Your Speaking Skills From Home
Online Learning

Do you find it difficult to speak, although you know a lot of grammar? Do you feel shy about expressing yourself in front of others, or struggle to share your opinions? This eight-week course will focus on helping you to put your knowledge of English into practice. It is designed for English learners who may not have time to come to a physical classroom and prefer to take lessons from home or the office. We will meet for a 90-minute group session once a week, during which we will focus primarily on speaking about a variety of themes. During these lessons, participants will receive real-time typewritten corrections on grammar and sentence structure as well as suggestions for expanding and adding variety to vocabulary. The remaining eight units will be done individually by the participants, and will be composed of videos, podcasts, articles, and written exercises on a variety of themes which we will then discuss in the following group lesson. The course material is flexible, and will be selected according to the needs and interests of the course participants.

Requirements: B1+ English level, email address, good internet connection, free Skype account
More information about the course and help with technical aspects can be obtained from the teacher.

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Sprachtest: Unter www.cornelsen.de/sprachtest oder www.sprachtest.de können Sie Ihre Kenntnisse online testen und Ihre Kompetenzstufe ermitteln. Kursanmeldung: Online: www.vhs.berlin.de / Mail: Kontaktinfo anzeigen / Infotelefon: 90298-4600

FK4.E359 Maya Pressnall
24.10.-12.12.19, 24 UStd.
Online Learning
€ 79,80 (erm: € 42,60)
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