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Are you using your powers to their full potential?

📍Imagine you decided to take a powerful step to leave your comfort zone. You left your job (it’s going nowhere fast, you’ve been doing the same thing for years), disregarded the doubters (and lost a few friends), enlisted support and made the decision you were going to go alone, do what makes you REALLY happy... and it’s on you to make it happen no matter what. Now it’s time to make it official and you’re feeling rather nervous...

You get to the government office, explain your situation only for the representative to roll her eyes, tell you that you’ve made a mistake, squandered your resources and that you’re not in the right place if you want to live a better quality of life, Berlin is not somewhere you make money, you’ve worked in retail/tech/service before so back you must go until you stabilize. “Send your forms to another department, that is not my job.” You persist with what you came for anyway until you leave the office with nothing.

Do you...

A- After getting pissed off for being treated like shit, reconsider going back to your old job. Perhaps this was a bad idea after all. It’s not too late.

B- Get very upset and rip the forms up, you’re a failure, time to give up. You fall into despair because you clearly don’t belong on this planet.

C- Send the forms off regardless after tediously filling them out with the exact information you gave the representative and continue. It doesn’t matter if it’s wrong.

D- Buy 10 lottery tickets hoping you can skip all this nonsense. Fingers crossed, it’s your only hope. Think positive thoughts, meditate, do affirmations...

E- Maybe you shouldn’t have been so honest. You try again and embellish the story in some way in order to manipulate the odds in your favour.


If you answered anything but C, you are not in your power. In fact, you are prone to self-sabotage and victimhood and it is running your entire life, influencing your decisions and making you miserable.

The lady at the desk is your threshold guardian who tests to see how much you believe in yourself, your correct response to her will either summon more power, clarity and desire to step out from hiding and into society to do what you KNOW is right OR it will knock you back down to square one with even more doubt than before.

If you answered A, you have a tendency to compromise your self-worth. Not only that but you have gone back on your intuition and fear growth. You also doubt your ability to succeed and you’re addicted to your comfort zone and external validation.

If you answered B, you are playing victim. It’s everyone’s fault. Your emotions have way more power over you than the situation itself. You operate from a place of entitlement and unfairness. Your next decision is likely to be one which results in handing EVEN MORE of your power to something external to make you feel better temporarily. It’s easy to spot someone in this cycle.

If you answered D, you don’t take responsibility for creating life your way and leave things up to chance. Maybe one day your prince will come and wake you from your sleep... you have a tendency to be passive, a dreamer and a victim of circumstance.

E- this is the energy of someone who lies to get their own way, they affirm that they are secretly powerless. It causes an internal struggle and wires your mind for falsehood and doubt. You take shortcuts and may get results and make incremental progress but none of it feels all that great and will never have permanent effect. This is not the mindset of a successful individual but of a child who believes they’re doing something wrong.

It’s astounding how easy it is to fail this challenge and that challenge is exactly what subconsciously prevents you from summoning the courage to take the step it the first place.

If you are ambitious and feel blocked, this is exactly what I am here to help with. I can see through BS from very little data (and will train you too) and work with you to build your legacy on creative power and TRUTH. It takes a certain mentality to pick C and for it to work out- it takes understanding of the mechanism of mind, intuition and creative power in the face of our demons... plus a knowing that we held the keys to our own freedom all along and that nothing has power over us. It is likely all it takes is a tiny tweak in your pattern to remove obstacles in even seemingly unrelated areas of your life.

Message me if your intuition is calling you to do so and let’s have FUN working together! I will send you a questionnaire to fill out to give me a better read on your energy and if I decide we are a good match before I arrange a consultation, you're already becoming a master of your mind! I don't work with people who don't dream big, have what it takes to make it or who like to fight for their limitations.
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