Calling all Berlin language lovers! (Berlin)

Coming soon…Language Life, the Berlin based portal for language lovers.

You can help the local language community grow!

Are you organizing a LANGUAGE RELATED EVENT in Berlin, such as a language exchange party, theater performances in a foreign language, events with a cultural theme, etc.? Please contact us to have your event listed for free!

Are you a TEACHER or a TRANSLATOR offering your services in Berlin? Do you provide some other sort of LANGUAGE-BASED SERVICES? Get listed for free in our local directory.

Looking to find the right LANGUAGE EXCHANGE PARTNER? Contact us to place a free ad in the community.

Do you BLOG about interesting LANGUAGE RELATED TOPICS? Perhaps you’ve created an LEARNING APP or LEARNING AIDS you’d like reviewed on our site? Get in touch, we’ll gladly help you spread the word.

If it’s language related, then by all means share it with us! :-)
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