Groom me (shaving back, butt and balls) (Berlin) (Berlin)

Hi there (and this ad is meant for) ladies...

I am a guy with hair in all the wrong places and it is hard for me to tame it by myself. Especially the hard to reach places (back), the places where the sun never shines (butt) and the rather sensitive places (balls) are pretty much in need to be taken care of.

I'm intending to go to Vabali tomorrow and I really would like to not look like a werewolf (even though I already tried myself it still is pretty spotty) – so I am looking for a lady / girl / woman to help me out and shave those body parts for me.

I'd be happy to pay you for your troubles.

A must is to be (cute) dog-friendly and female (sorry, but I'd rather not have some guy working on me), and a bonus is, if you also would consider giving a massage – if we get along well we can also gladly make this a regular thing!

Looking forward to your reply with "back, butt and balls" in the caption. A photo would be highly appreciated as well.
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