looking for naked yoga lessons (friedrichshain)

to be honest – over the last 3 years i got a bit out of shape. i have my gym membership i barely use and i go to a yin yoga clas every once in a while. not too often sadly.

i always blame my work load for that, even though i'm quiet aware that if i really wanted to, i could make that work.

to get a bit more motivation i was wondering, if i might find an open minded girl, thats is into yoga and practicing actively – she doesn't necessarily has to be a professional instructor, if so even better. adding the nakedness and maybe a bit of sexual tension would make this definitely more appealing – at least for me.

i'm 35 years old, work in the creative field and am a pretty normal - out of shape - but still interesting guy.

i'll keep my fingers crossed, that this ad reaches the woman that feels like this might be something.

let me know what you think and how you would want this to happen.

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