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I'm a dominant bi Machoguy 42 years old, 191 cm tall, Ex-Bodybuilder and look for the right older/younger wealhty female or male partner to have a serious longtime Relationsship and more, depends what the future holds for us ...

I wanna enjoy life and offer myself as your protector, ur mate, ur lover, ur husband or what u need me to be to give u a save and good feeling and maybe love.
I'm not intersted in money generally, I think that there are many single people who have big business, cash or other things that normal people don't have.
But that can makes mostly very lonely and is not the high -end luck when u look inside and be honest to urself.
And I would like to make that to a good change for u and me, for both of us, so we find a way to can look in a nice future.

I know u want to know more from me ... so, just write me and it can change everything. kisses ...

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