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Make 9000€ by joining the international mandala (Berlin)

An opportunity now exists for up to eight candidates to join this exciting project.

The mandala is a social project with 4 stages: fire, wind, earth and water.

All new entrants join the fire ring and pay 1125€ (can be paid in all major currencies) to the person in the water ring. When the fire ring is full with new entrants the mandala splits in two and you move to the next inner ring (wind). In this ring your sole task is to find two new entrants which enables you to move to the next ring (earth).

All players are encouraged to support each other with regular Zoom calls so that they get to know each other and understand the dreams each player has in seeking to gain the final prize of 9000€.

This is an international project which has been running for over 30 years. No external person takes any share or commission from the proceeds. All funds are gifted directly to the water person and it is your task to keep the mandala going so that you can soon take your place in the water ring and receive 9000€ to realise your dreams.

There are many things to learn during the process like: letting things go, trusting, having a positive mindset, being confident about what you are joining.

If you are interested in participating in this exciting project please contact me.
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