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Hello ladies of Berlin. I’m fairly new to the city, and currently am working as a product photographer for a luxury accessories website. After graduating I moved here and started a job as a photo assistant in an interior design studio. Long story short the company went tits up, (the usual thing for Berlin start ups) and I had to look for quick options elsewhere. The position I have is ok, but my main goal is to work in fashion or something closely related to styling/editorial content. I mainly need to build up my portfolio in streetwear and styling, which means the shoots will take place outside at some suitable locations. And if we get along there is also an option to do a studio styled portrait. So if you’re 18-30 and want some beautiful photos for your social media or whatever you will be free to use them and they will also be retouched by me. Styling wise it will have to be something more classy than what is considered normal for Berlin, nicely textured fabrics and interesting combinations. Of course we will discuss it prior to the shoot. In general little to no make up as I prefer a natural look on a model, if you’re not ok with that good for you. About me, I’m 25, fairly intelligent and bearable to be around with, at least for a few hours. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have a bit of free time on the weekend and in general like photography or have additional questions. I only speak English.
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