Advanced Video-editor (low-cost) (frankfurt)

Are you in need of a good edit? Are you struggling to find an affordable and skilled video editor? I am a skilled independent video editor and am looking for projects to earn a little extra money to put towards my editing passion. I have the knowledge and will to provide you with eye-catching edits for a low price of 5$/h. All you have to do is: provide me with the clips you want me to edit, give me your style and some personalized ideas of what you want to be included so that it can be unique from everyone else, and give me a date which you want the project to be finished (if you want the edit to be finished in a hurry it will cost extra). And that's it! Once the edit is finished I will contact you and provide you with a short clip of the whole edit, it is now that you can decide if you want to pay the amount that the edit is worth or we can discuss other payments or discounts if there is a reason. Thank you for taking the time to look over my post and I hope that I can be of help to you with your editing needs.
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