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Does your business target the 1.5 billion English speakers of the world?

I can help your company reach more clients and expand your audience.

Over the past 4 years I have worked full-time at 2 startups (Tidio) ( which have both increased their sales margins and Market reach during my employment.

I continue to work as a marketing consultant to and to many small businesses in Finland, the United States and Norway.

As a Marketing Specialist I am experienced in:

- Modern SEO
- Extensive Keyword Research
- Competitor Analysis + Application
- Blog and Newsletter Planning

I have also saved over 7,000 Euro Per Month for my clients with:

- Google Ads and Facebook campaigns

My current rate is 24 Euro per hour.

I will provide you with a full description of my time

You are welcome to offer any project based arrangement if that is your preference

Check my background on Linkedin:

Contact me today to schedule a free meeting

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