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kompensasjon: To be discussed
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Young lady, fit and very open minded that is attracted to an idea of being compensated for giving pleasures or being pleasured. And believe me, I am very much good at it.

I can also be your fantasy girl.
Or a girl who cleans your flat in clothes you find attractive or serve you naked.
I can also accompany you on your travels or attend sex events with you.
The rest is on your imagination!

Give me a hint with your offers, (also how much would you pay for it; and NO Im NOT giving blow jobs for 20 euros, don't even think about it. ) and a picture of yourself because there are too many fake scammers, I am sorry.
Also, you won't get free naked pics from me so if you're a creeper looking for that, stay away!

Now, let's have fun!


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  • ikke kontakt oss med uønskede tjenester eller tilbud.

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