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I am

- a DJ from Vegas that tours the world with some of the biggest music names.

I hype thousands and my name is recognized across the USA, Canada, and Europe. I have a strong fan base in all these countries that love my music.

- a producer but I want to get more music out as a hype man type vocalist.


So I'm looking for

- Top notch EDM (and maybe hip hop) producers preferably on Abelton that can produce at a world class level quickly and mix and master- tracks will be hype style to get crowds pumped. Trap and 128 BPMs.

I will play a hand in production but mostly do the hype vocals.

Good social media following would help but not absolutely necessary if you're good with production I can take care of marketing.


What you get

- track released with me and launched worldwide- I'm an expert marketer with a big fan base so expect the song to be heard by hundreds of thousands and if it does well even millions

Commissions will be based on % of sales from song (20-40% depending on factors we will discuss)

- maybe add you to tour with me when I am in your country if you have strong live DJ skills.
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