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Vergütung: 12euro to 15euro per hour

We are a small cleaning agency based in Berlin Central Areas looking to hire cleaning people to work for customers around the city.
You do need to have experience of cleaning in a work capacity. You also must be organised, speak fluent English and have a professional and friendly approach.
You also must be set up to work on a freelance basis in Germany, have a freelancer Tax ID and Gewerbe for work in cleaning. You must also have various sources of income to work as a freelancer, so Sunshine Cleaning could be one of those income streams.
The hours are flexible and the payment is 12e to 15e per hour.
We have a strong emphasis on building a schedule that works for you and creating a fair and caring work environment. In exchange we ask for reliability, good communication and excellent cleaning skills.
Get in touch and we'll send you more information.
Thank you!
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