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German or French teacher for children (Berlin)

Anstellungsart: Teilzeit
Vergütung: 17,50-20 Euro per hour (freelance)

We are currently searching for experienced native German and French teachers to come and work with us for the current school year (until the 24.06.21). If you are experienced working with and teaching children in a fun and playful way, look below to see if you meet our requirements to join our teaching team.

You can expect to gain valuable teaching experience within the realms of working in interesting environments within our growing company. If you are interested in applying for the above position, please forward on the following documents via email:
- Recent CV
- Cover letter outlining your motivations to join our teaching team
- Proof of qualifications


About us:

We are a children's language school that offers English, German, Spanish and French for children between the ages of 2,5 to 12 year old children (children are assigned to the groups according to their ages, e.g. 4-6, 7-9, 10-12 y).
We offer our play lessons in kindergartens, elementary schools, private households and at our own premises in the whole area of Berlin.
The play lessons that we offer can be one on one lessons for children (one teacher, one child) or group classes (one teacher with a group of children, up to 12 children per group).
During the public holidays in Berlin we are offering our English and German daycamps for children.



The method we are using is based on the "immersion method" and involves that the children are learning the target language in a fun and playful way (e.g. singing songs, colouring/crafting, dancing, actions, playing a lot of movement games etc). in order to learn different topics (for example colours, numbers, wild animals).
Our teachers are supposed to only speak with the children in the foreign language the whole time, that is, our teachers do not necessarily need to be able to talk in German. In order for the children to understand what our teachers are talking about, we use a lot of visualization through pictures, flashcards, facial expressions etc. so that the children now what the content is.

With our concept we want to only make us of the natural capacities of the children to learn a new language with all there senses and in a natural way. We provide professional material and lesson plans with examples of syllabus for all languages, age ranges and different topics. Nevertheless you are also free to bring in your own ideas.
We also provide free training and introduction into our method as well as on-going individual support and coaching by our head of education. Teachers meetings and workshops are offered on a regular basis in order to continuously improve the skills of our teachers (not compulsory / not paid).


Qualifications / requirements:

We are searching for German or French native speakers or people who at least speak one or even some of those languages on a very high, almost native level (more than one language is an added advantage!)
You should have teaching experience or experience working with children in general.
You should love working and playing with children in a fun way.
A clean and presentable appearance, as well as excellent time keeping and self organization skills are a must.
You should already possess a valid work permit (only if needed!) that allows you to work legally in Germany as a freelancer (“auf freiberuflicher Basis”) and be available to start working as soon as possible.
You should be available and willing to commit taking over a fixed schedule for the current school year starting as soon as possible until the 24.06.21 due to consistency reasons (working with young children requires consistency!).


Key responsibilities:

Your are supposed to prepare for each play lesson properly, do your weekly classes and keep records of which students attended in each class and about the topics that have been taught. We are handing over weekly registers to you for each class (class lists), where you can note down this information.
We provide professional material and lesson plans with examples of syllabus for all languages, age ranges and different topics. Nevertheless you are also free to bring in your own ideas.


Schedule / number of classes:

We offer our play lessons not only in one location in Berlin but in a high number of different locations as for example kindergartens, elementary schools, private households and at our own premises.
Our teachers have to travel to wherever the classes take place. Of course all locations are reachable with the public transportation system (BVG, Bus, U-Bahn, S-Bahn etc.) and are located in the area of Berlin.
Before you start working with us we will mutually agree upon a fixed schedule of classes (every week the same classes, on the same days, at the same times, in the same locations) which you would be supposed to do on a weekly basis for a certain period of time that we will agree upon in beforehand (usually for the whole school year).
It is possible to take over a fixed schedule of only 1 class per week up to a high number of classes per week (e.g.18 classes per week).
In general we can offer classes over the whole day (Mondays to Fridays: 09:00h – 19:00h / Saturdays: 09:00h – 14:00h / Sundays 10:00 – 12:00h).
The number of classes that we can give to you will be determined on the one hand by your availability and on the other hand by the general number of classes available from our side.


Contractual issues:

We are working together with our teachers on a freelance basis. That is, we will sign a freelance contract with you.
As a freelancer you have to deal yourself with paying taxes and pay for health insurance on your own.
At the end of each month you hand in an invoice to us (invoice forms can be picked up in our office). The payment will be done at the beginning of the next month to your bank account without deduction.
Please inform yourself about all paperwork that needs to be done in order to work as a freelancer!
The hourly rate for each class (60 minutes) that you do is 17,50 Euro for German and 20 Euro for French.

Best regards,
ABRAKADABRA Spielsprachschule Berlin
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