Teachers for summer language daycamps for children (English or German) (Berlin)

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Vergütung: 400 Euro per week (5 days)
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job title: Teachers for language daycamps for children

we are searching for English and German teachers for our English and German daycamps during the upcoming Summer school holidays in Berlin in Wilmersdorf and in Prenzlauer Berg (24.06.24 - 06.09.24 / Mon - Fri / 09:00 - 16:30h) .

We are offering our exciting daycamps for children ages 4-12 years. For the children its a joyful journey in a new world, far away from the stresses of everyday life. In fact, its loads of fun here with us!

Our daycamps are done through our playful ABRAKADABRA immersion concept. The payment per daycamp week (Mon - Fri, daily 09:00 - 16:30h) is 400 Euro. The job for the daycamps would be on a freelance basis.

In the following you will find an overview of available daycamps and some more information on us, our daycamp concept, our general concept and the requirements for this job.

In case of interest please send us your application by e-mail with your cv and with the information which language, which location and which week(s) you would be available for?!

Please note down the following as the reference in the subject heading "Application - English/German summer daycamp".

Our daycamps take place in the following locations and on the following week:

Wexstrasse 33, 10715 Berlin-Wilmersdorf:
24.06.24 - 06.09.24 (German and English)

Heinrich-Roller-Straße 15, 10405 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg:
22.07.24 - 30.08.24 (German and English)

Our daycamp concept:

What do the kids need? Only time daily from 9 to 16:30! The camps are completely in the target language (English or German). Previous knowledge of the language is however not required due to our mother tongue immersion concept. Besides our daily excursions we focus on the children’s language development through different age appropriate activities and games. Everyday along with our different themes, we use playful ways to bring the children into a natural way of speaking. The children recieve multiple opportunities to use their natural impulse to communicate in the foreign language. Through these opportunities the active language competence is strengthened and developed.

The daycamps always take place from Monday to Friday from 9:00 until 16:30 o'clock. The children are brought to our premises at 09:00h daily and are picked up again at 16:30h.

The children are divided up into age groups, so that the themes can be planned and carried out for the appropriate ages. While the younger children play more simple games, hear stories, color and craft to play to learn the language, the older children have more complex topics and discuss them in the foreign language.

This way your children have not only an unforgettable holiday experience, but also will profit from the language input and parents don’t have any worries about their child’s supervision during the school holidays, kita closures or while vacationing in Berlin.

Also, at the end of every camp week, there’s a special presentation for the parents, where the kids can present some of what they have learned—a great ending to an exciting week!

Attached you will find an example daycamp plan how a daycamp week is usually structured.

About us:

We are a children's language school that offers English, German, Spanish and French for children between the ages of 2,5 to 12 year old children (children are assigned to the groups according to their ages, e.g. 4-6, 7-9, 10-12 y).
We offer our play lessons in kindergartens, elementary schools, private households and at our own premises in the whole area of Berlin.

The play lessons that we offer can be one on one lessons for children (one teacher, one child) or group classes (one teacher with a group of children, up to 12 children per group).

We are also offering playful online classes for children.


The method we are using is based on the "immersion method" and involves that the children are learning the target language in a fun and playful way (e.g. singing songs, colouring/crafting, dancing, actions, playing a lot of movement games etc). in order to learn different topics (for example colours, numbers, wild animals).
Our teachers are supposed to only speak with the children in the foreign language the whole time, that is, our teachers do not necessarily need to be able to talk in German. In order for the children to understand what our teachers are talking about, we use a lot of visualization through pictures, flashcards, facial expressions etc. so that the children now what the content is.

With our concept we want to only make us of the natural capacities of the children to learn a new language with all there senses and in a natural way.

We provide professional material and lesson plans with examples of syllabus for all languages, age ranges and different topics. Nevertheless you are also free to bring in your own ideas. We also provide free training and introduction into our method as well as on-going individual support and coaching by our head of education.

We are also offering playful online classes for children.

Qualifications / requirements:

We are searching for German and English native speakers or people who at least speak one or even some of those languages on a very high, almost native level (more than one language is an added advantage!)

You should have teaching experience or camp experience with children.

You should love working and playing with children in a fun way.

A clean and presentable appearance, as well as excellent time keeping and self organization skills are a must.

You should already possess a valid work permit (ony if needed!) that allows you to work legally in Germany as a freelancer (“auf freiberuflicher Basis”).

We are looking forward to your e-mails.

Best regards,
ABRAKADABRA Spielsprachschule Berlin GmbH
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