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Vergütung: 15€ / h, or Share of Revenue

Who is Dreamers?

Are you one of the first who discovered CBD and now you can't shut up about it?

Us too! Stress, headaches and a lack of sleep are no longer an issue since we found CBD.

Smoking and vaping is not exactly our thing, we prefer the edibles. Edibles are more convenient and the effect lasts longer.

But there isn't any good CBD edibles in Berlin - so we went and found a lawyer, cook and designer and started experimenting. - Our brand Dreamers was born.

It took us a while and a lot of experiments, but now we have CBD Bonbons and Gummies that we love and share with our friends.

What you can do to help

Many people still don't have access to good, full spectrum, CBD edibles.

That's where we need your help!

Get early access to our CBD Bonbons and Gummies and promote them to your friends.

Help us at festivals around Berlin, at markets and events to promote Dreamers bonbons and gummies.

Work when you want & earn fair

You can earn hourly, 15€ / hour, at events or earn a share of your sales, when you promote Dreamers.

Also, you can work whenever you want. Just let us know when you have time and we find the right events for you.

Bring your ideas: You'll be a part of a small and growing team, and your ideas are as good anybody else's. Start your own experiments, events and more – we want to hear about it.

You can also promote us at the festival's you're going to this summer and we'll cover your ticket.

Write us

If this sounds like the student/side-job of your dreams - write us.

Send us a short description of who you are and why you want to join Dreamers. Also attach a CV or a link to your LinkedIn profile.

Dream on! Kirstyn & Markus - Dreamers CBD

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Dreamers Website:

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