post zu favoriten Earn Money while watching movies or studying - 20 Euros per hour (Berlin) dieses posting verbergen einbl.

Vergütung: €20 ph

Looking for people for a footstool-study. Do you spend sometimes hours of hours watching series or movies ? Or you study sometimes for a very long time ? Now you can earn money while doing that.

You are doing that what are you usually doing. Watching your favourite series or learning.I am sub, that means I like to serve as footstool for a one woman or a group of women. While you are watching movies, surfing in the internet, working or just hanging out on the sofa alone or with friends.

I pay 20 Euro per hour. The payment is always cash at every time. I can serve as footstool several times per week, you can decide each time how long you want to use the footstool.

It doesn`t matter if at your place or at my place. That what you prefer. I have no problem if you have friends with you.

If you are intrested, please get in touch.

You can contact me by whatsapp, my whatsappnumber is: 0044  Kontaktinfo anzeigen
Happy to setup first an appointment at a public place, like a cafe or restaurant.

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