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Vergütung: 50 € minimum


the Pangea-Haus in Wilmersdorf hosts over 20 organisations that work in the field of migration and integration. We hold our open-day door every year in parallel to the Fête de la musique the 21st of June, 2019.

This year we will have a total of 7 bands that will play from 15 to 21.30 h on a stage on the Nikolsburger Platz. About 800 visitors in total are expected during the event. Next to the stage there will be stand, where organisations of the neighbourhood can present themselves.

To make sure every band has the best sound quality possible we are looking for a sound technician to help building up the sound system, make the sound check of the bands and to monitor the live gigs.

We can pay of course but our budget is limited, as we are not commercial organisations but only "gemeinnützige" organisations, meaning charity. The event is funded however, which means that it is only fair that you should get paid. I for example am working without payment, but I'm doing it for the Pangea-Haus as I want to help its development.

Please send your CV and details about your experience per mail. We can than speak about the specifics per phone or meet directly.

Thanks for your applications !

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