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Anstellungsart: Teilzeit
Vergütung: 9.8 € plus tips social/health insurance...

Hey you there, we are hiring Bartender. We are a place with a relaxed flowing atmosphere which also gets fast paste. More artsy than mixology. We are looking for people that can work reliable and responsible behind the bar as well as being a host and creator of a good vibes (not crazy, not druggy, not weird). Within our team we very much prefer friendly relationships with everyone capable of standing on their own feet. You need to be reliable, reasonable and nice, nice, nice. Organized within you workflow, steady in shiftplaning.

Please think before you apply, this is a job in the nightlife. You will work also on weekends and you will have late shifts, you will have a shyftplan that can not be changed spontaneously. We like you to be with us for longer term. We like you to be beautiful, whatever this means to you. At your working hours lots of things will need your attention, and yes at the same time, and yes lots of them. Be capable of handling stuff. Be capable of talking to people you do not know and not be awkward about it. Some spark of warm authority is needed.

You will also manage shit, like ordering stuff, counting money, fill out papers, help solving problems, being here and there creative.

Working permission required (freelancevisa unfortunatly will not work)
Arround 20 hrs a week (2-3 shifts)
German Language would be nice
Former fast paste jobs expirience, nice, nice
Reliability, Self Responsibility, Friendly Charisma,

Pls. do not forget to send a cv your facebook or whatever you think helps to have an idea of who you are, before we can invite you for an interview. Thank you!

Life is beautiful!
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