The Best Way to Lose Body Fat! - €30 (Berlin)

Hello everyone,

My name is Serge, and I help people look and feel better.
I have over 15 years of experience in combat sports and fitness.

Burn fat efficiently
People are unaware that you are not burning a lot of fat by just doing some usual workout in the gym. Most individuals have enough fat on their bodies to run across the entire country. So you have some to spare. Shift your belief from burning fat by doing standard cardio or weight lifting over to training your body to behave differently. This will affect both, you mind and body.

I do one on one training, at the location that suites you the best: your home, outside or the gym (Mc Fit).
My training is a mixture of Thai Boxing training, high intensity cardio, and core workouts.
Equipment is included in the price and I offer 100% money back guarantee.
More information about references and other details via email.
It's a time-limited offer till the end of June.
Apply for Free Training now!
Languages: English, German.
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