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Sit-ups, standing, lying down – there is some form of exercise designed for every posture. The current trend is just being fit and healthy. While this is the motto, there are many fitness centers or gyms that help in attaining either muscle gain or lose weight or just be toned. But, when there is lesser time on hand but the zeal to keep oneself fit, then the options are also readily available in the form of fitness apps. One such app is Activity Challenge. Having said that, this app is a notch above other apps as it plays a dual role – both to keep a track of your activities and another is to earn! You must be thinking about how?! The steps to attain this is Download Activity Challenge app – Register yourself by paying 1$ - Make a group or just challenge a member or members of the app and win the challenge. Simple isn’t it! So, don’t delay and download the app now!
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