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Sexual Accompanist/Guide Education Help (BERLIN)

It`s full of taboo, beside the fact that in the western world sex has become openly discussed and is a 24/7 present part of our lifes - but what if you feel unsecure and you are not able to enjoy the luck sex can give you?

Women's sexuality became much more vocal in the last century but still today not every girl/woman feels able to handle all that (society/porn-)influences and pression - if you just need someone beside you on that journey i can help you.

Are ou alone?
Do you feel unsecure and unexperienced?
No one teaches you the practical part, or your lovers themself dont know much about - or (worst case) they just dont care (about YOU)..?

Or are you are in a relationship and you find that you are having problems connecting on a physical level..?
Do you have wishes that you are unsecure to express to your partner?
- do you need an extern opinion about it, someone you can tell IT, someone that is not your partner...?

If you are feeling like you are having sexual difficulties,
or you just feel that you and your body is able for much more and you wonder how you can get there
- than i can help you.

I can help you improve your current or future relationships,
overcome your sexual and physical difficulties,
and help you gain a better understanding of yourself and your sexuality so that it can be a more enjoyable experience.

How do WE get there?
it`s easy as this: I hear your concerns, thoughts, and feelings, and tell you why it is inhibiting your sexuality - and give you tools to complete the goal of resolving the issue.

There is NOTHING to feel ashamed or worry about, whether:
- Sexual anxieties
- Sexual interests
- Sexual orientation
- Concerns over intimacy
- Concerns about sexual desire or arousal
- Impulsive or compulsive sexual behavior
- Difficulties, such as early ejaculation, trouble reaching orgasm, female ejaculation

Let`s talk about sex, like that nice 90s song teaches...

Rates will be calculated based on frequency, time and program (100-300€),
available 7 days per week between from 3 p.m. to 1 a.m.

Life can be great and joyfull - if YOU can push yourself to let it be :-)

PS: Females only - sorry...

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