babysitter, carer, housekeeper, tutor (berlin)

hello, i'm rachel! i've just moved to berlin from glasgow in january, but i am originally from toronto. i am looking for work in the area of homecare, particularly in the mornings and on weekends. i would be happy to help you, whether it be working with children, the elderly, or anyone who needs some support or assistance.
i worked as a personal carer for an older woman in glasgow for two years; she is physically disabled and i assisted her by preparing meals, dressing her, assisting her to the washroom, and in any way that she required which was in my capacity. i also worked for a charity in glasgow as a support worker at a community center for individuals who struggled with their mental and physical wellbeing.
i have looked after children as a babysitter since i was young, and had a few siblings who were much younger than myself who i was involved in raising.
i am a musician and have had the privilege to travel a lot through playing music.
i do not speak german but i am very determined to learn! i have a masters education in the humanities.
please contact me! i am looking for work that i enjoy, and if i can help you, i would be glad to
thank you! x
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