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I am looking to employ some people on an initially short term (ca. 6 months) and potentially long term basis, depending on how well they receive the training I will offer.

I will run several music studio building construction projects in 2019 & 2020, from April onwards.
By this I mean we build an entire building full of studios... For several buildings.

I need the following:
Drywall builders.

The minimum time I would employ you is 6-8 months.

Full training will be given of how to construct isolated rooms to a high standard for music industry practitioners. This is not stuff you will learn in school or from the literature

- it is based on rigorous research and testing. Further opportunities for education include small room/ studio acoustics as once the rooms are built, the acoustic treatment (acoustic elements) must be installed.

The first projects will all be room-inside-room constructions.
Made from Drywall will a mixture of metal and wood profiles.

I will put together the teams and provide training but past experience in construction is absolutely necessary. We will speak English onsite. Knowledge of German construction methods would help but are not essential (I would be much happier with fluent English). We will use some “unorthodox” methods (within the regulations) based on acoustic theory so you would have to unlearn some old methods.

A perk of this work is that you will work closely with me and my operational network, meeting music industry practitioners daily. It will not be a construction site like in our boring rainy home countries but something that could really open doors to all kinds of things in the creative industries. Building studios that bring tears to the clients eyes should be motivation enough though!

Another perk is that you would have a cool and nurturing work environment where you are encouraged to learn and grow. I am planning to invest heavily in the training of the new hires and empower them with new valuable skills to support their lives in Berlin.

Another option for advancement or further employment is that you become hired by my manufacture company “Kiss Your Ears” who make high quality and very affordable acoustic treatment for modern music makers and are making waves in the Berlin music production industry. Several positions will become open by the end of the year (after the main projects’ build time). This would then involve training in the world of contemporary studio acoustics which goes even further beyond the structural acoustics of studio building. Between Kiss Your Ears and the studio building company, there will be plenty of work for years to come for those who are competent and willing to get their head down.

Now, those with a basic knowledge (or even a degree) in sound engineering will also do well in the application process as I am planning to teach you about acoustics and studio building so it would essentially make my job easier! That said, I don’t mind hard work as long as you are willing to learn. And even so, we use contemporary research and methods so again there would be plenty to unlearn from past methods.
That said, that part I can teach you - being proficient with tools and having drywalling skills I cannot - and that is more appealing to me!

I would prefer people to work 5 days per week. I can do more if you can!

I will sometimes give you homework to study - not hardcore but definitely mandatory. I would ask the more experienced of you to help me with double checking some material calculations from time to time - and ask the less experienced of you to help me with daily errands and other tasks around several music studios in Berlin.

Now, needless to say, a proper work ethic is mandatory. If you are not reliable and willing to graft then this is really not for you. Positions are open to males/ females/ trans/ non binary.
I’ve had some trouble with staff work ethics in Berlin recently and I am not going to stand for it on my new projects. It’s really this simple: work hard or fuck off. I am trying to build a solid reputation with this company so I will not entertain flakeyness.

If you stick with us as we build our reputation, you could end up going places with us. The work is piling up awaiting the applicants…

Use the subject line "JOB BSB" so I know you’ve read this through.
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