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The Story of Dreamers⚡️

Are you one of the first who discovered CBD and now you stop talking about it?

Us too! Stress, headaches and a lack of sleep are no longer an issue since we found CBD.

With a team of lawyers, cooks and designers we made the products that we wanted:

  • Tasty edible CBD products and
  • Highest Quality Flowers.

Dreamers was born.

Now, after many many experiments we found the best CBD suppliers and the best edible recipees. The products are ready!

Become a 🐅 Dreamers CBD Promoter 👩‍🚀

Many people still don't have access to good CBD flowers and edibles. But they urgently need them 🤕. Many are looking for alternative treatments, but can't get them. Or have to resort to illegal cannabis of unreliable quality.

The feedback to Dreamers Bonbons & Popcorn and Flowers from friends, at conferences (Tech Open Air) and workshops has been overwhelmingly good!

Now you can help – to give more people access to Dreamers.

Get early access to CBD Bonbons and Premium Buds and promote them to your friends, sell them at events, festivals, workshops and find other resellers.

Work when you want, where you want ☕️ & earn fairly ☀️

Earn 25% of every sale you make, and 5% of every sale a reseller you manage makes.

Bring your ideas: You'll be a part of growing team, and there is unlimited space for your ideas. Start your own experiments, events and more.

Apply today 🚁

If this sounds like the side-job/sales-job of your dreams - fill out the dreamers application questionnaire:

➡ apply here:

Dream on! ❤️
Kirstyn & Markus - Dreamers CBD

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