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Using the acclaimed Jazz venue Donau115 as the workshop space, students bring their own laptops and headphones and learn from a mix of lecture theory, discussion, group work, and practical exercises

Hands on, Practical, Creative.
Build Tracks From Scratch & Turn your Ideas into Music!

Courses will run 8 weeks from the 14th of January 2019, with weekly workshops lasting 2 hours.

Logic Pro X (Beginner)
Every Tuesday from 15th Jan 2019 6pm - 8pm
Programme MIDI & Drums/Record your own instrument/Use Virtual Instruments/Sampling/Synthesis/FX & Automation/ Arrange. Taught by a Logic Pro X Certified Trainer (T3), with over ten years teaching experience in Higher and Further education.
Only €175 for 8 x 2hr sessions!

Ableton Live (Beginner)
Every Tuesday from 15th Jan 2019 8:30pm - 10:30pm
DAW/Views & Clips/Warping/Working with Time
Creative Sampling/Drum Rack & Simpler/FX & Instruments/Using Virtual Instruments/Programming Drums/Jamming and Arrangement/ Automation & Mix
Only €175 for 8 x 2hr sessions!

Advanced Production Techniques (Intermediate/Advanced)
Every Monday from 14th Jan 2019 6pm - 8pm
Synthesis - Subtractive, Granular, Sample Based
Field Recording and using Found Sound/Building contact Mics and utilising Electro Magnetic Radiation/Phase Vocoding/ Creative Signal Chains/Creative use of Feedback/Exploring Distortion/Reverb as an Instrument/Limitation/Randomness
Only €190 for 8 x 2hr sessions!

You will need to have the relevant DAW pre-installed on your laptop, unless studying the Advanced Production Course where you can use any DAW you like.

Sessions come with free Samples & Extra Reading Material

Please follow the links to the website or email to register your place and buy tickets. Limited places!
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