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You know those New Year's Resolutions that you write on your list but then you procrastinate for ever and ever? Forget about that! Starting a new year with many plans at zero is overwhelming and psychologically unwise. Put it the other way round and ask yourself: How much German could I probably learn from now on until NYE, if I really do classes every week + homework? It could be more than you think. Over Christmas you get some rest but also some extra homework and in the New Year, you have a fresh start and continue right away already with something in your hands (brains ...)?!

So, you need or want to learn German and don't know where to begin?

You've already started learning German but you have no clue, no idea of the grammar or you are totally confused?

You've been here for years but you're beginning to be really annoyed about not speaking German, not understanding jokes, having to rely on other people to get your paperwork done? In a nutshell, you want to pop that expat bubble you're living in and blend into this country that has a lot to offer, and so much more to offer when you speak the language well?

You've already been attending classes, but you don't understand the explanations and can't follow, or you are shy and afraid to speak, or you feel lost in a big group?

You have no idea of (English) grammar anyway and feel a slight dizziness when someone talks about "verbs", "subordinated clauses" or "conjugation"?

You want to apply for German citizenship and have to present a positive B1 test result? Or you have to take a test for enrolling studies at university or for another purpose and want to prepare it more efficiently?

You've heard weird and intimidating things about the "awful"* German language (* Mark Twain) - endless numbers of articles, cases, monster words and you are scared?

Or you're already quite advanced but you want to get rid of that annoying accent or these little mistakes, once and for all?

Don't worry. There are answers to all this - there's light at the end of the tunnel. Sure, nobody says that German is particularly easy or that you can learn it within 3 days. You have to be patient and put some effort, indeed. But there are no hopeless cases. Especially for anglophone natives or proficient speakers of English, German will appear very close and related, especially regarding vocabulary and tense structure, therefore it's the most logic thing to learn German.
German is structured, logic, analytic, consists of many bits you can put together like a puzzle, sometimes surprising, funny, precise, poetic . . .


I'm using a special method, a macro-micro-structural approach in order to achieve that students understand grammar easier, quicker and more thoroughly. Many years of teaching experience, a strong linguistic background and fluency in several languages enable me to teach you German "the other way".
Most of the time I'm giving one to one lessons, but also small group lessons for up to 3 students are possible if you have the same language level. Lessons are given at my place in Prenzlauer Berg.


You're coming to Berlin for a limited time - alone, as a couple, two or three friends - and want to not just do sight-seeing but also learn basic communication and get a "cultural coaching" at the same time?
I can tailor a small crash course or workshop for you.

Also, I'm offering small taster courses beginning from now to give you an impression of how I teach without committing for a whole or several months. Courses can be for small groups up to 3 students, for different levels or also one to one. The price for the taster course is reduced compared to the normal lesson price. A course should consist of 7 to 12 lessons, taken within a period of not more than 14 days to have a more intense effect.
A present, I'm planning to open a zero beginner course for 3 students and a B1-test preparation course for 3 students.

If you're interested and want to know my website, my LinkedIn and Facebook pages, details about my method, the prices, the open time slots or when to have a trial lesson, please send me a mail, mentioning your wishes and goals and your level.

(there have been problems with the relay mail system recently - potential students didn't get my answers or I didn't get their second answer) so please be so kind to give me your real e-mail address. I promise I won't abuse or spam!)
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