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Guitar Lessons -- Nick Morrison, USA (Spandau)

I offer private, one-on-one guitar and general music lessons for serious students of any level, in English, French, or German. I can also teach piano, bass, tenor banjo, mandolin, ukulele-and I also offer coaching for songwriters and instrumentalists interested in world music/folk music. Group lessons and band coaching can also be arranged. Lessons can be either at my home in Spandau, or at your home. Please contact me for prices.

I believe music can be a part of everyone's life, whether you dance alone in your kitchen, sing along to recordings, play for yourself and your friends, or seek to be a professional performer. Whatever your goals are, we can shape the lesson plan to help you achieve them.

What I can teach:

-- Styles: I specialize in blues, folk, rock, reggae and African guitar, both electric and acoustic, as well as improvised (free jazz/free improv) music. I can coach students interested in Jazz and most other styles of American guitar music (pop, funk, r&b, etc...), as well as many different kinds of 'world' music.

-- Rhythmic Skills: The most under-appreciated aspect of popular music is rhythm. Groove is the foundation of all dance music, and having good 'time' makes playing any kind of music easier. With exercises on percussion and guitar, we will work to develop your rhythmic skills.

-- Ear training: musical ability, regardless of your instrument, depends on what you can hear. All of my students work to develop their melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic hearing during lessons and with exercises at home.

-- Singing: whether or not you are interested in singing songs while playing, the voice is everyone's first instrument, and developing it a little will help your guitar playing as well. Though I am not a trained vocalist (or vocal coach), I do sing and coach singer-songwriters on general musicianship.

-- Improvisation: an essential and often misunderstood aspect of many styles of music. Through exercises and jamming during lessons, we can work to open up your imagination to the possibilities of improvisation.

-- Composition: Song-writing, jazz composition, arranging, orchestration. . .

-- Harmonic Theory: traditional western harmony, as well as modal harmony (for world music) and jazz harmony.

About me:


I am a French-American singer, songwriter, composer, improviser, and multi-instrumentalist. In addition to writing and performing with my own band, Pallet of leaves, I play guitar in the Berlin-based bands Tiliboo Afrobeat and Polyversal Souls. I played rock music and free jazz with numerous bands in Chicago before receiving my Master's Degree in Contemporary Improvisation from New England Conservatory, Boston, MA, in 2011. I moved to Berlin in summer 2012. I have 17+ years of teaching experience in schools, camps, and private lessons. In addition to my private teaching, I am a guitar tutor at BIMM college, Berlin.
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