Englisch für B1 +

English Course in Berlin
Englisch für B1 +.

* Course description:

I can provide customized lessons for General, Business, Medical, Travel and Conversation English. The student can choose a structured lesson or more open discussion. If you're looking to improve your speaking and conversation skills I can also assist you with that.

Ich kann maßgeschneiderte Lektionen für Allgemein-, Geschäfts-, Medizin-, Reise- und Konversationssprachen anbieten. Der Student kann eine strukturierte Lektion oder eine offenere Diskussion wählen.

* Teaching approach:

My approach is to focus on what the student's goals are and then add skills to work on as I find necessary.

I use a variety of materials including articles and reading material. The student can also bring in emails, work documents, CVs to review and correct.

* Places where you can take this course:

- Coffee shop: Cafe Daddy
Kolonnenstraße 50, 10829 Berlin

- A public place you suggest (Berlin)

- At home (Berlin)

- In your office (Berlin)

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Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/multilanguagecafe
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