English guitar lessons in Neukölln for all ages, and abilities (Neukölln)

Learning to play guitar should be easy and fun, and that is what I attempt with all my lessons.

I teach all ages, styles and abilities, and work hard to develop learning plans for my students that cater for their individual goals/needs. Whether you want to learn to strum a few new chords, master a tricky guitar solo, understand music theory better or anything else, I can help you bring your playing to the next level.

A little bit about me
My name is Mitch Brown and I am originally from Melbourne, Australia but moved to Berlin in early 2018 to further my music career. I have over ten years’ experience with both teaching guitar and performing. I am qualified with a Bachelor of Music (Honours) degree in ‘Music Performance’ (specialising in jazz & improvisation) from one of Australia’s leading universities (The University of Melbourne & VCA).
Additionally, I have a wide range of experience with playing and teaching in various different styles, in particular jazz, funk, blues, rock and pop music. Because of this I have a solid grasp of the fundamentals of music and how they apply to all styles. I believe understanding these fundamentals are important, so I always ensure that students gain this knowledge in the context of the music and songs that they love. Learning like this you will build a strong foundation and play the sort of music that you want to faster and with more freedom.

I love teaching music and I hope to be able to help you with your own musical journey!

Half-hour lesson: €20
Hour lesson: €35

10 half-hour lessons: €180
10 hour lessons: €315
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