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French lessons

* Kursbeschreibung:

I can teach French to Spanish, English and German speakers. From beginner to advance level. I consider that an effective language class should be at least 2 times 1 hour or 1 hour and a half with homeworks. Within 30 minutes biking from Kottbusser Tor is perfect for me.

* Lehrmethode:

I adapt to the student's needs like if he wants it more business-oriented or if he only wants to speak it and does not care much for writing. However, my own teaching approach uses a lot of mnemotechnic exercices, repetitions and patience. I like to find topics that interest the student so he can relate to what he learns.

* Mögliche Kursorte:

- Öffentlicher Ort: Görlitzer Park, Görlitzer Straße, 10999 Berlin

- Cafe: Café Kotti, Adalbertstraße 96, 10999 Berlin

- Cafe: New West, Köpernickerstrasse 55, Berlin-Mitte

- Cafe: Filmkunstbar Fiztcarraldo, Reichenberger Straße 133, 10999 Berlin

- Andere öffentliche Plätze

- Über Skype

- Zu Hause

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