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Guitar Lessons-Jazz-Blues-Rock-Latin -All levels (Friedrichshain)

Hello! I am offering guitar lessons at reasonable rates in English or Spanish. I am a professional musician from Mexico with many years of experience teaching students of different ages and backgrounds. I was a faculty member and director of the guitar department at the University of arts and sciences of Chiapas in Mexico where I mainly taught Jazz and creative improvisation.

Some of the topics I most often teach now are:

- Various improvisation languages ​​such as jazz and blues and how to assimilate these naturally into your own style

- Latin-American styles such as son montuno, rancheras, changüi, merengue, samba, bossa nova etc.

- Guitar technique- chord melody, fingerstyle, flat picking, strumming and more ...

- Harmony, rhythm and melody for songwriters.

-How to create your own interactive musical / sound environments (effects / instruments / composition + improvisation algorithms and more) through the use of software like Pure Data and Max Msp

I charge 30Euro for a single 60min lesson or
100Euro for a package of 4 60 min lessons.

you can find out more about me in my website:

Hope to hear from you soon!
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