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Take private lessons based on new brain friendly methods proved by cognitive sciences. Lessons will be held from person to person. I will use your English or French mother tongue as a "bridge" to develop your knowledge.

I will take care that you will understand the German language profoundly and intuitively.
You will learn German in a way which is not focused on abstract grammar rules and endless lists of vocabulary because learning to speak a language is more important than learning to talk about a language. The lessons will be also customized by your needs and your progress.

Because you will have faster success with less effort than with traditional forms of studying your motivation will be higher and your frustration level at zero.

About me: I studied language sciences, psychology and sociology and have a master degree in Cultural Anthropology. My focus lied on the connections between mind. languages and culture. After my first studies I studied music sciences and work now also as an artist.
I am an experienced German language teacher and specialized in giving classes for beginners, for people who are afraid to speak and people who have difficulties to improve their German from an already higher level. I can also prepare you for your studies on a German university or for any job situation.

Availability: there is currently one slot free for 2 times a week a 60 minutes lessons (or one time a week a 90 minutes lesson) at the late afternoon.

First test lesson (no matter how long): 20 EUR

Message me now to get started.
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