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English Course in Berlin
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* Course description:

I am offering a course in English based on a program of reader response, writing and discussion. The purpose of these lessons is to help advanced students of English (B2 and above) reach a level of language suitable for study abroad, or professional and intellectual activities in English.

* Teaching approach:

During the course I will present the student with a series of articles on culture and current events with discussion questions. These articles can be of my choosing or according to the student’s interests. I will also present and mark writing assignments based on these texts. If the student wishes this course can be based on reading of works of literature instead of non fiction articles.

* Places where you can take this course:

- Coffee shop: Südblock
Admiralstraße 1-2, 10999 Berlin, Germany

- Coffee shop: Cafe Commune
Reichenberger Straße 157, 10999 Berlin, Germany

- Coffee shop: Cafe kleine Mensa
Triftstraße 58, 13353 Berlin, Germany

- A public place you suggest (Berlin)

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