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Hello everyone! I am giving music production, mixing & mastering lessons for all levels at my home studio in Neukölln!
The classes take into the account the previous knowledge of the student and focuses on his/hers/theirs particular interests and aesthetic search.
You will learn the proper use of compressors, equalizers, saturators, all kind of effects, different types of synthesis, drum programming and melodic sequencing, MIDI connections and more.
I use mainly Ableton Live but the mixing techniques that we will learn can be applied to any DAW. We can also look into Ableton's possibilities and techniques regarding playing live and using extended possibilities of the software.
We can focus in class on projects that you have already been working on, or start something new here which you can take home and develop further (and then bring back to class for questions)
It usually takes between 8 to 10 classes (and maybe less depending on the previous knowledge of the student) to cover all of these aspects. What usually can follow are more spaced classes/encounters where the student can bring projects that they are working on, in order to review and get more depth in some concepts.
The lessons can be in English or Spanish !
Contact me and I'll send you my website with my full portfolio and CV containing original soundtracks for documentaries, short films, dance plays and installations, alongside over 90 releases I have participated on either doing artistic production or audio mixing/mastering. (or just search Ariel Schlichter in google and go to the arielsch website).
Feel free to write to me with any questions! Hope to hear from you! Cheers!

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