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RAMP is a small and unassuming academy based in Berlin specializing in creative sound and music production.

Whether complete Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced We have a range of courses to suit you. Our Lecturers are highly qualified professionals with certified teaching qualifications and high level academic backgrounds.

The Courses -

Ableton 101 - Introduction to Music Production using Ableton Live. Starts 6th of May - every Monday from 6pm - 8pm.

Ableton 201 - The next step in producing music using Ableton. Starts 6th of May - every Monday from 8:30 pm - 10:30 pm

Sound Design - In depth techniques and processes in Sound Creation and Manipulation, and Digital Signal Processing. every Tuesday from 6pm - 8pm

Go to for more info!

Courses will run for 8 weeks with weekly workshop lasting 2 hours.

Students bring Their Own laptops and headphones and learn from a mix of lecture theory, discussion, group work, and practical exercises

You will need to have Ableton Live pre-installed on your laptop, unless studying the Sound Design Course where you can use any DAW you like.

Classes are mixed and kept safe.

Current Student Testimonials -
"Really great classes and useful knowledge that are not only focused on technical expertise but as well on music grips" and tutor Adam! " - Anna

"great knowledge brought by Adam through is long time experience in music production" - Melvin

"Quality teaching, great classmates, Highly recommend" - Ed

"I've a seasoned Logic Pro user and Adam has been helping to make the transition to Ableton a great teacher with a patient instruction style and I highly recommend him! " - Monty
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