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Need German B1 to apply for citizenship? (Berlin / Prenzlauer Berg)

Personal language coaching

Are you going to apply for the German citizenship?
You will need to comply with a number of requirements of which one is presenting a certificate stating that you master the German language on the B1 level, which is much more than ordering a beer and buying something in a shop.

Reaching B1 is not possible in just a few weeks, unless you begin right away, are outstandingly talented, study several hours per day and are able to immerse totally in a German speaking environment.

But if you live in an Expat bubble, speaking English all day, working in English in international companies, speaking English with your partner, family and friends, it will take longer than a few weeks and require focused dedication, strong motivation and intensive training and exercise.

As an experienced teacher for German as a Foreign Language, I'm there for you to help you to reach this goal.
It is perfectly achievable to reach B1 within a reasonable time -- with an adequate effort, attending regularly lessons that are frequent enough to bring you forward. It's difficult to say how many months you will need as it depends on the number of lessons taken per week, the time you invest into self-study, exercise and homework, your grammar knowledge, your disposition to learn languages, the opportunities you have or seek for getting German input and last but not least your motivation to overcome beginner struggles.

Who am I? I'm a native German, with Romance and German linguistic studies at Humboldt University, having over 7 years of private teaching experience. I speak English, Spanish, French and Portuguese fluently and I'm able to teach in those languages. Therefore, any beginner student who speaks the above languages well enough to follow explanations can successfully take lessons with me. Remember:

I would maintain that every normal person is able to learn another language up to B1 level, some need more time and dedication, some less. But it is possible!

Method: I'm using a linguistically based method which focuses on explaining also the language system and structure, taking into account neurolinguistic and cognitive science research. My lessons are an intensive, personalized language coaching: I pick you up at your present point of knowledge, we find out which are the gaps and weak points and work on these. There will be no hurry or pressure and I will explain as long as you need for understanding. It's not like in schools: Learn German the other way!
Once you have the necessary grammar basics, we focus on more specialized training for the test.

Give it a try, give yourself the chance to learn German!
Offer yourself a comprehensive, soft approach to German grammar, with a special method and a teacher who can explain in English, French, Spanish or Portuguese. Get a first overview over grammar, learn basic structures, rules and vocabulary and the basic conversational skill to save your life out in the streets, buy something and order food.

If you would like to know more about me, my method, my website like, prices, open slots and possibilities of booking a trial lesson, please contact me including your mail address.

Thank you and see you soon!

(there have been problems with the relay mail system recently - potential students didn't get my answers or I didn't get their second answer -- so please be so kind to give me your real e-mail address. I promise I won't abuse or spam!)
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