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DISCOVER THE MAGIC OF A TEXT! Even in times of postdramatic theatre...
The workshop is addressed to actors, upcoming directors, advisors and writers.
How to reveal a text for the stage? I call my working-procedure: archeological excavation into the text. With special instruments (exact terminology) we'll carving deeper and deeper:
Get a systematic knowledge of dramaturgy work by analysing the structure of a text, finding out the “effectual facts”, the “chain of precipitating events”, inner dynamics, conflicts etc. (and put it into practise, if you want to try it).
My method offers an individual and intensive work (max 5 participants) and is based on fundamental knowledge and more than 20 years of experience with Russian and German Theatre. Working language: ENGLISH
Next class starts in JUNE. 50 academic hours totally - twice a week à 5 hours. Costs: 500,-€
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