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Are you looking to relax, renew, and strengthen yourself all in an hour? tone your body and expand your mind? sweat and smile?
I can help.

Your personalised yoga/massage session will leave you feeling renewed, energised, and, best of all: happy and free.

I am a 500 Hour RYT in the Vinyasa yoga style, and I also have years of experience with Ashtanga and Hatha yoga. I am passionate about yoga and love working with clients one on one to deepen their practises and help them to achieve personal goals.

I also work a lot with couples and small groups, its a great shared experience!!!

If you are curious about yoga or want to take an existing practise to the next level, tutoring with hands on adjustments is perfect for you.

Each session includes goal setting, philosophy, creative sequencing of poses, LAUGHTER!, hands on adjustments and five to ten minutes of Thai massage during the final resting pose.

I an come to your home or you can come to my home studio in Neukoelln.
Call me
01578 8533920
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Sliding scale fees, starting from 40/hour for block bookings.
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